Staying the Jungle

April 10, 2017

Hey everyone!
Pretty awesome week. We baptized a little girl named Yurami on Sunday and shes amazing! She's 9ish years old and has been coming to church by herself for years. Us and other missionaries have been trying to get her baptized for the past year, but her dad never gave her permission. He finally gave it!. Ill attach pictures if this computer lets me.

Elder Lopez and I finished the transfer with 6 Baptisms. Pretty great. On Tuesday I'm getting a different companion from Honduras. I've heard he doesn't speak very much English so it should be interesting!
Lately I've been studying the New Testament alongside with Jesus the Christ and I've learned a lot more about the Ministry of Christ from that. 
Jesus is our Savior, The Church is true, and Thomas S. Monson is Gods prophet on the earth!

Elder Budge

 Wow thats' awesome news with Westbrook! the only thing that might hinder him from getting MVP is his temper but triple double record is a big time achievement so we'll see. and that's awesome with the work situation, should be a little easier from now on. and  The health challenge will be good.A little competition always helps so yeah.
Its been pretty good. Its going by pretty fast, It feels like I've been out in the field only for a couple of weeks so yeah. We ran low on money this last week because we have to pay for baptism and church transportation so I've been living off rice and beans so that's been fun. I feel like i drink 10 bottles of water everyday, and I'm constantly drenched in sweat haha.
Plus, can you make sure i have a little money on my personal card? 
btw whats the status with my ID?
some things that might be nice is some pics of our family, of me earlier, ect. to show people here. A few big Zip lock bags, nutrients pills my Star Wars gummies ran out and I haven't eaten a fruit in like a week, my priesthood lineage, hot sauce, some water flavoring stuff. a copy of the Living Christ and Family Proclamation (it would be cool if it was mini and laminated like my Patriarchal Blessing but if its too much work its fine). And any other food and candy that you want to send works for me! Send it whenever. I don't need the stuff too badly.


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