Mas work in the jungle

March 27, 2017

Its been a pretty crazy week!

Last Monday we traveled to a giant mall in Santo Domingo. We went to Burger King ate a burger, and got some churro. it was glorious, but expensive. Just for an idea of how cheap it is to live here in Gonzalo, I can buy a bottle of water for 10 pasos, and a tostada for 25. The double whopper meal cost 400 pasos, and churros cost 250. 650 pasos is about 14 dollars. 

I could have bought 26 tostadas for the same price as that meal! But esta bien.

We traveled back to the Capital on Tuesday for Zone meeting. President Corbitt is an awesome guy! I've learned a ton from him and I'm grateful to have him be the president here. 

We had 5 baptisms planned for yesterday, and only one was able to come. A little sad about the four, but we still baptized Adolfo! He's awesome, He will receive the Gift of the holy Ghost, be confirmed a member, and hopefully receive the Aaronic priesthood next Sunday.

I know The Book of Mormon is the word of God, and Josè Smith is a profit of God! The Church is True!

Elder Budge


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