Jungle Rain

May 8, 2017

Hey everyone!

This last week was pretty nuts. Its been raining a ton the last two weeks, which is strange for this time of the year.

On Tuesday, we rode  to a town Called Los Lemones. Its about an hour away on bike, and it was awesome. It rained for the whole 5 hours we were out. We arrived, soaking wet and covered in mud, and found out that none of these people have heard about the church before, so it looks like we are the first missionaries here!

We also found a family from Boise in the middle of the town working for the Paragrine Foundation studying a endangered bird of some kind. They live here for 6 months and live in Boise for the other half of the year. Crazy! I would have never expected that to happen.

We also have about 6 new investigators that are preparing for baptism on the 20th, so we should be pretty busy preparing them for the next couple of weeks!

The Church is true!

Elder Budge

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