Jungle Jungle

April 24, 2017

Hey everyone!

Sorry I didn't right last week.
Things have been pretty fun. We baptized Ryan yesterday. He's nuts, He's part of this group of kids that live right outside of Gonzalo in a town called Carmona. They go to church every week but they are a handful! Hopefully we can baptized that whole group.
Next week we are planning a Noche Blanca (White Night) which is a night where our zone has a baptismal service all together, and we have 3 people planned to be baptized on the 30th! I think there should be around 20 or so people getting baptized so that will be awesome.
One of our bikes broke right before we had to ride over to Sabana Larga, wich is 5 or so miles away , so I ended up taking one of the bikes of a kid in our branch. I'll attach a picture.
We also found this shack thing sitting in a field so naturally we had to climb on top and take a picture.

Elder Budge

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