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Week 4 In the Jungle

March 20, 2017 
Hey everyone! 
This week was pretty solid. We baptized 1 investigator, and have a few scheduled for next week.
Elder Anderson, one of the apostles for the church, came and gave a talk to Our mission and the West mission! I got to shake his hand too!  He talked about a lot of good stuff but one point that I thought was really interesting was the 2 things that every strong member of the church has or has expierienced: 1. They have felt the love of Christ after sincere repentance 2. They have a testimony of the Book of Mormon
So I challenge all of you to strive towards those things if you have not already.
After seeing him, we went to Wendy's, and It was glorious. At that point I haven't had meat in 4 days. I've survived on my humble meals of Locust and  honey. Just kidding, but really I've survived on shelved Chocolate Milk, Rice, beans, and tostadas. So having a burger, and fries was the best thing ever. 
Every Man here has a a motorcycle, and the kids …

Gonzalo week 2

March 13, 2017
Hey Everyone,
Its been a great week! We baptized our first 2 converts last saturday. We jumped in the back of a truck and drove down to this river with a waterfall. I got to do the actual baptisms. I forgot my camera so the pics will have to wait.
Its constantly raining down here. We got caught in a storm yesterday, and were drenched.
I don't have a lot of time so sorry the emails not longer!
The Church is true!
Elder Budge

First Week in the Field!

March 6,2017

Hey everyone!
Last Monday was the last day in the MTC, and it was a little sad to say goodbye to everyone, but It was time to move on to bigger, better things.
We first went to the mission home and there I got assigned with Elder Lopez, who is a beast of a missionary. working in Gonzado, Prestident Corbitt gave an awesome lesson about  Atonement of Jesus Christ, and we headed out to our area.
It took about 4 hours to get to Gonzado, and its a town in the middle of the Jungle. Its the only Bike Riding area in the Mission also!  Where we stay is the most wealthy part of our area,and we travel out to other villages. 
It kinda feels like camping all the time. There are mosquitos everywhere. I have to cover myself in deet two or 3 times a day to keep them off.
The area is ready for the Gospel! Elder Lopes and I have almost 20 new investigators, and several of them have Baptism dates set! Church was pretty fun too! We had about 40 come, and about 30 of them were kids.
We went …

Last Week in the CCM!

Hey Everyone
We went on splits last Friday and it was awesome! We went to Cristo Re, which is a "suburb" in East Santo Domingo. It's about as poor as you can get here. I got a picture of the main streets, but it doesn't do it justice. The first guy we talked to lived on top of about 3 other tiny houses, and climing up was really sketch. the stairs were a foot and a half wide and we had to squeeze in between some rails to get to his house, which was two. He has a really adorable 2 year old daughter, and I can't speak any spanish so i just played with her the whole time.
After a couple of more lessons, we stopped by a saloon where these twin ladies always give the missionaries free food. We got some coconut cookies, Coke, and some raw sugar cane. And headed back after that.
The Church is true and JesuCristo is the Savior of mankind!
Elder Budge

1st week in the field

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They have bikes here, but they have been trashed along with the apartment. We had to do a big clean the first p day and have to constantly clean because of how quickly everything gets dirty and ruined so quickly
The area used to be only 2 missionaries and now we have 4. The other 2 missionaries, Elder Lanzaz and Elder Valle, are from panama and Costa Rica so they don't know too much English. The apartment is really only made for 2 so its been a bit crowded.
He's been awesome. Hes american and is fluent in English and Spanish. He's awesome
I'm kinda starving here as far as food goes, so just load up the package with stuff you think will be good!
Sorry i can't right more
Elder Budge