2 months

March 27, 2017

The package came last t
Tuesday and that was a lot of stuff! thank you though, just for future reference, You don' need to send that much stuff. The cliff bars are great and I've almost eaten the whole bag of high chews. We go to a mall in the city every month to buy some stuff so I bought the weight gain last Monday and got your package on Tuesday so ill be set there for a while.  The next time you sent a package, you can send it to a place in Florida where they bring it over here. Its a lot cheaper that way. I don't know where it is but if you look into it you can find out where.

 I'm starting to adjust a little but more so that helps. I don't have a ton of time so I'll write a little more about them. All of them except this last weeks have been pretty young boys. We met them, gave them the lessons, they went to church, and decided to get baptized. We are constantly busy teaching and finding people so its been going by pretty fast.

And that's awesome about the temple! Send me picks once everything is finish


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